Thursday, January 7, 2010

Passing through the Window

Sometimes dreams can be quite cosmic ... seeing God and that sort of thing ... I know when I have dreams like that they are NOT acid flashbacks, because I didn't do acid in the 60s.  Or did I?  I don't remember the 60s, so I must have lived through them.

Thais believe that seeing dead people in a dream is very lucky which is why there are always lottery vendors at funerals.  But what if you see yourself dead?

In last night's dream I was a fugitive being hunted through the wilds of Alaska, I think it was during the gold rush.  I'm crawling through the snow wearing a lot of furs and one of those Russian looking hats.  Anyway I'm caught by someone, a posse I imagine.  I'm thrown into a cage on the back of train and we begin a long and epic journey through snowy, desolate terrain.  I distinctly remember being unshaven.

At some frontier outpost I manage to escape and find myself in a two-story building.  But they come after me.  There is a bloody shootout, me versus what looks like Seventh Cavalry uniforms.  It's very bloody.  My last enemy has his legs blown off and I crouch over him, but he turns himself over on one arm and shoots me between the eyes with the other.

And here's the thing, I feel myself get colder and colder and the world getting dark and it's not scary like I thought it would be.  When I look out of the window I see a woman escaping on  a white horse.  I realize that she was with me the whole time.  She is the one I have been protecting on the train journey, only I didn't see her before.

As I wake up, I continue to die, so the two sensations cross-dissolve very slowly.   So my waking moments are as dreamlike as my dream was real.

... As a committed Jungian I would point out that the woman on the white horse is clearly a representation of the anima and that the dream is clearly not about death but about survival ... transformation ... it's in fact a highly positive dream about how things are going to change this year.

I said anima, not enema!  Jeeze!

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  1. The famous photographer Boaz Zippor has posted the following remarks:

    first, i agree with the enema idea. will give a whole new meaning to playing your movemnets....

    second, if you were in alaska, are you sure the posse is not just sara palin in a helicopter with a sniper rifle?

    the russian unshaved polar bear being chased to extinction and running for his life is a simple one. and running is always a good thing in a dream.... See More
    But its not only the extinction factor. in jewish tradition, a bear in a dream means quarel. a fight.
    usually it is being attacked by a bear, but if you are the bear then it's you who start the fights.

    good news is that (again, in the jewish tradition) being thrown into a cage is a GOOD thing.
    it means you are protected. if you have shackles its even better (hey! its not ME, its those jews....i am just reporting the facts....)
    the cage and shackles means you are restricted from harming yourself.
    and you run away from them... (who's a genius?)

    now, the 7th insignia is two swords.
    seeing a sword in your dream means either fear/panic or power/force. in this case its two swords, and they are fighting you...
    double fear while fighting double power...

    and dont you know never to crouch over the dying nemesis?

    what are you? a james Bond vilian?
    i will SOON kill you in a horrible way, but FIRST i will make a long and elaborate monologue on evil while you cut through the ropes with a paperclip.

    the good news is that in the kabalistic writings, seeing yourself die in a dream is a sign of a long life.

    as long as you keep those enemas from flying out the window, of course.

    conclusion :
    as a soon to be extnct polar bear you were fighting for your life, which was the feeling you had for many years, and when you felt you were restricted you had to break free from the protected 'normal' world and be a polar bear again.
    only the fight against your fears has set you free, and the vision of the escaping 'muse' that you thought you have been protecting through the road , is not scary "like you thought it would be"....
    a basic dream or renascimento.
    a long fearless life.
    (but do shave)

    or maybe you just a butterfly dreaming he is a zen master dreaming he is a butterfly? ;)

    who should i send the invoice to?
    and on the way out make another appointment with my secretary for next week...