Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dies Irae

Well, folks, today is the Big 30th. For days now I have been told that the country is going to erupt in an orgy of street violence and the country's political system will fall apart. Or won't, as the case may be. It depends on who you listen to.

To quote the sorceress from Purcell's Dido and Aeneas — depicted here in a murderously vile performance by Pitchaya Kemasingki — "Ha, ha, ha."

On the one hand, I am fascinated by the endless speculation on how the government is going to get out of this no-win situation. On the other, I would have to say that the no-win situation seems to have become the situation of choice for the powers that be here.

I've never been that good at predicting political outcomes. I predicted that Gore would win the election. Well, of course he did win, but heaven and earth were moved. and divine powers called into play, just to invalidate my prediction....

So perhaps I'll resume this post when I know the answer.

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