Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Puppetry - Day Two

I read in the paper today that Thaksin may be appointed some kind of "trade ambassador" for Thailand and will be sent from place to place to make trade deals on behalf of the country, travelling on his Montenegrin passport.I also read that the case under which he was convicted will be reopened, and that in terms of cabinet appointments:

The final decision [on the allocation of Cabinet posts] rests with Thaksin alone," said a source from Chart Pattana Puea Pandin... (today's Nation)

They don't seem to be making a very good case for this incoming government not being run by Thaksin!  This is probably not a good omen when it comes to predicting a coming storm.

I was told by a prominent member of an anti-Thaksinite faction (not the democrats) yesterday that I "shouldn't worry", because there's "more going on backstage than meets the eye."  I'd really like to know what that is, but like the rest of you, I will probably have to wait.  

There is quite a lot of goodwill right now, even among people who didn't care for the Thaksin administration, and a lot of hope.  But such stories in the paper, even if untrue, do contribute towards a general "sinking feeling"....

We're all taking a deep breath....

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