Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seven Minutes before my premiere

Well, I forgot about the dateline, so my post of (my time) 2 days ago was a little premature ... It's Saturday in Bangkok, but in Houston it's Friday night and opera is just about to begin.  Apparently it's a sellout or nearly so.

Found a great article in Houston's CULTURE MAP ... click to read.

Apparently I will have some pictures and footage in only a couple of days (to distribute to the Thai press) so I might be able to share some images on this blog.

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  1. You are to be much admired by single handedly promote classic music and put Thailand on the map as such!Only problem is that all happenings are in Bangkok .Living in the Isahn I am very seldom capable of listening to all your very interesting postings.Wish you great succes in Houston, you deserve medal{s}.Egon