Sunday, May 31, 2009

On a Tub of Lard

Did you think the expression "tub of lard" was merely a perjorative to use against the very corpulent?

I've actually seen a tub of lard being served at a dinner table for the first time in my life, and it was here in the village of (I can't remember its name but it was spelled 'Unpronounceable') ... and it was actually served as any accompaniment to bread. No, this is not a land of cholesterol counters.

Their hospitality is, however, amazing. Absolutely amazing. And it was a very pretty tub....

The hospitality of these Czechs ... yes, it is truly beyond belief. Unless it is a plot to clog my arteries. In 2 days I will face the Moravian National Opera; the next 48 hours consists of me trying to solve all the problems back in Bangkok, making sure I don't have an Alzheimer's moment during Nabucco by attempting to commit the score to memory if possible, and of course, ingesting endless tubs of lard. So, I am multitasking right now; playing a video of the Moravian Opera's production of Nabucco which I get to take over on Thursday, sending instructions to Thailand about the sets and costumes for THAIS, and of course, anticipating with salivating jaws the next lard installment.

They are constantly making fun of my trying to order a "mini-porci" of every dish....

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