Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hostel - 2009

You haven't lived until you've been trapped in a Chinese restaurant in Slovakia with 4 drunk music professors who only speak Czech (or Slovak) ... with broken German the only common language ... while 10,000 miles away, everything you've ever lived for is being torn apart....

Yes! I'm in a bizarre mediaeval hotel where access to the internet is obtained by getting a giant key from the front desk and a sign on the wall reminds you that a closed-circuit camera is watching your every move. There is no room service, but the bacon tastes divine ... so you know what happens to those missing tourists.

However, I heard some of the choirs who are going to compete tomorrow. They're just great -- particular the Slovenes. St. Petersburg is no slouch either. Singapore didn't show -- they're scared of the swine flu. Swine flu? In Bratislava? Well, it seems there is one case ... in the next country over. Well, we know how cautious they are in Singapore.

Got into Vienna this morning. Went straight to Slovakia. Tomorrow, Czechia. That's 3 countries in just about 30 hours. Of course, the Emperor Joseph II didn't know it was three countries; he thought it was just all him.

The above pic is with some of the professors, pre-drunken orgy :) I will reveal more tomorrow, but now jetlag is getting to me.....

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