Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Collecting Myself

Today, I was shocked to discover that there's a book missing from my shelf — must have vanished during the move.... it's "The Ultimate Mallworld". So I visit thinking, I'll just order a couple of copies. The cheapest copy on is about $35. Doing more research, I find a German website selling it for almost $500.

Help! If this book is indeed such a rare and valuable classic, why hasn't someone reprinted it? I may have to end up doing that myself ... but to do so I will need at least two copies. Does anyone out there have extras? Let me know.

Yesterday, whilsy squatting for a crap at the well known Fortune Town shopping mall, stall #1, I looked up and saw an ominous scrawl on the bathroom door:

"Wanted - red shirt protesters - 3000 baht each!" and there was a phone number to contact to be paid and be issued your shirt. There was also a slogan about Thaksin, but part of it had been wiped off and was incomprehensible.

What does this show? One of two things:

(a) the accusations that the red shirts are being funded is absolutely true.
(b) it's a dirty trick, put up by the yellowshirts in order to "prove" that the red shirts are corrupt.

I guess I should have called the number to find out.


  1. Sorry I only have the Donning Company Starblaze edition

    I went through a period of selling all my books off a while back because I was sick of moving boxes and boxes of books when I moved every year (well that, and a body has to eat). Other than a small handful of other books, yours are the only ones I've kept.

    When I was checking them out, I realized I still need a different copy of Throne of Madness, as I have an illegal coverless copy :blush: Sorry.

    Brian A.

  2. I have a signed edition of Throne of Madness, which I picked up at a second hand book store in Bangkok. Not for sale though. Who would sell off a signed edition?

  3. Hello Mr. Somtow,

    I'm a big fan of your writing. I was wondering, are there any audiobooks of your work?

    I'd love to buy some :-)


  4. Thailand elects new prime minister