Saturday, April 12, 2008

Unanswered Questions

A bit of a panic all week when we discovered that the score of Charles Ives' Unanswered Question was missing from the house and office. I'm doing a concert on Sunday that was inspired by Charles Ives' piece ... in the sense that all the pieces that the orchestra will play seek to deal with unanswerable questions of life and mortality.
... and now it's Tuesday, and we've had the concert. Thanks to, who were actually able to express a score from America in three days! And as for the concert itself … the orchestra has really been pulling through. And the world premiere of Trisdee's new piece, Eternity, was a shattering experience for all. In many ways it's the best concert we've done. I am now starting to feel like a real human being again. I will soon be posting some excerpts from that concert, perhaps on our youtube channel, so you will all see....
Well, I had a very strange dream about the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra. I dreamed that I stumbled upon them trying to play Parsifal in a shopping mall....
What, indeed, is the Unanswered Question? Is the answer "42", as my late college contemporary Douglas Adams would have it? There were times, during that concert, when I finally thought I could glimpse the answer. But I haven't figured out the question.

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  1. We in the universe decided that you
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