Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Silence isn't Golden

Well, I did in fact play John Cage's music at a concert for almost an hour and a half ... just me, four pianos, a plastic rake and a spare USB cable.... surprisingly, everyone stayed until the end.... the peripherals shown in the video aren't normally used in One(2), but just as Cage used the I Ching to select what notes to put in, I've used the score itself as a kind of giant I Ching, often going off on tangents....


  1. Enthralling. Watching a performance like that is part of the magic. Thanks.

    Brian A.

  2. Brian that is so sweet of you, thanks so much


  3. What a wonderful performance it was!! Thank you for posting it.


  4. This comment is about your writing, not your music. I'm leading a series of discussions about Dragon's Fin Soup on SecondLife. the first one is in about an hour - the second is on Sunday April 20 at 9am SLT (aka Pacific Daylight Time). If you are a SecondLife resident, we'd love to have you come by - and everyone else of good humor is welcome too. IM Riven Homewood inworld for an SecondLife landmark.