Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What we're doing in London

There is a terrible crisis on a daily basis.  The orchestra has been squashed into a miserable squat because we can't afford any more.  The set didn't fit on the plane.  One of our guest singers was deported by British immigration because they decided he had been in Thailand illegally - they were only "trying to help".

And yet the music our people are producing is incredible.  It is amazing that our musicians, our orchestra has gained a foothold here in London.  The door has opened and it can never be shut again....

The standing ovation in St George's Cathedral, with Lord Mountbatten there to hear the cantata which the Mountbatten Institute had commissioned me to compose with a British choir and a Thai orchestra was all tremendously moving.  Although my life right now is mostly pretty hideous, such moments make me glad to still be in the world.

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