Saturday, May 22, 2010

Permission to Quote

In response to the requests I have had to reprint some of the entries in this blog, I would like to say this: anyone may reprint individual blog entries, quote from the blog or translate it as long as the author's name and the original site is credited and the words "quoted by permission of the author" or other such language is included.  Thank you.


  1. Dear Khun Somtow,

    Thank you very much for granting permission to quote your enlightening views.
    I have done so on Thaivisa in a particular topic.
    I hope, if you read this, you are able to open the link:

    Kind regards,

    LaoPo on Thaivisa

  2. ชอบคุณ Somtow (ก็ไม่รู้จริงๅ สะกดอย่างไง . . I'm one of the 12 Farangs who can understand Thai, ha ha! (actually there are a WHOLE lot more of us, I'm meeting more all the time. I live in BKK had already started my own blogging on the situation when someone sent me the link to your blog. Wonderful writing and thoughts, thank you for posting. And thank you for letting me quote. If you're interested, my posts are at I have indeed quoted you, and posted the link to your blog, but will now add "quoted by permission of the author." You are quoted in my fourth post,

  3. Dear Turk, The number "12" (like the twelve apostles, the twelve tablets, the twelve signs of the zodiac) is a sort of symbolic one, really, isn't it? The first time I lived in Thailand, in the 70s, there really were only two farangs I knew out of hundreds who could REALLY speak Thai ... I will even name them ... Bob Halliday and Bruce Gaston. Now, there are as many as half a dozen. Extrapolating the number of farangs I know to the number who live here, I still don't think it's that significant a percentage of the total farang population.

  4. Ah, I know, I know, and you're right, of course, not many of us, really. Ah, you know Bruce Gaston! I'm a musician, as well, of the jazz sort, play with the Bangkok International Big Band and also at a couple of clubs in town, though my Friday night steady at Brown Sugar was rudely interrupted for some weeks by some red-clad squatters. Not yet sure when it'll open again.
    Hope to catch your work with the Opera and Symphony some time. Just recently read your "Dragon's Fin Soup," quirky but amusing, feel like I know you just a little bit from that, and from your blog posts.
    Anyway I came to Thailand in the Peace Corps 45 years ago, left for a long time, but when I started coming back, discovered it was a place worth getting serious about, wondered why I'd ever left. Glad you're here too.