Thursday, June 4, 2009

Olomouc Diary (ctd)

Food, food, food, food, food! The founder of the festival, Jiri Klimes, is amazingly hospitable and every day we are treated to extraordinary, rich, rare central European viands. Two nights ago, the local Philharmonic had a big concert with Anna Maria Popescu, a Canadian soprano I had already heard many good things about. Since there are only a small number of restaurants in Olomouc, we ran into each other after the show; since there is only one top hotel there, we also ran into each other at breakfast. Now, I'm hoping she'll do a master class in Thailand ... I am sure she would do really well here with the young singers ... she has the kind of charisma that can really inspire.

And here's a fine photograph of what they eat here ... raw beef with a raw egg on top, to be mixed by the diner with raw onions and assorted condiments ... yum! I was always a bit afraid of steak tartare, but this was so good I had it almost every night!

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