Friday, January 30, 2009

Fame? Hardly....

Somtow's World is a local radio show in Bangkok on Tuesdays from 8-11 pm ... it has been for many moons now. I play very eclectic music ... leaping from John Cage to Mediaeval music, and so on. So now, the show has leapfrogged to a satellite TV station called P5, which in its non-Somtow moments functions mainly as an MLM headquarters and purveyor of downscale music videos.

It's kind of a cheaply made show, just me and assorted friends sitting around chatting about music and alternating with footage of the Bangkok Opera's concerts, but I think it has potential. However, the debut of the show was marred when it opened with NO SOUND ... then vanished abruptly and was replaced by herbal remedy commercials. Some time later, it came back on ... yes, with sound. They promise me they'll fix it soon.

My other show, on the same station, is the horror one ... that debuts tomorrow at 10 pm.

I am told that this satellite can be viewed by anyone with a sufficiently sophisticated dish, so I will say that it's to be found on the Thaicom 2/5 dish on the C band.... whatever that means.

Now, there's are 15 channels of educational TV on the local cable company's network, and they often broadcast old videos of my concerts ... but tonight, EIGHT of them were showing diferent performances of mine simultaneously! I've heard rumors about this in the past, but I only just had that cable put in today, so I never realized it was actually true..... I am famous after all, if only to somenoe so bored they would surf the channels about 81 in the wee hours....

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