Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Somtow as a Talking Head

This might amuse you, since English language Thai cable doesn't exactly penetrate the world market....

Tom Mintier was in every home in the universe in the CNN days. But now that he's hanging out in Thailand, he's probably a lot happier....


  1. I enjoyed that Somtow, thank you for posting it. I see Light on the Sound and Starship and Haiku, a little differently now.

    Brian A.

  2. Thanks, Brian, I might post Part II of this a bit later.

  3. I just stayed up all night re-reading a book that I remembered from childhood...Funny how things haunt us. In this case, an echo of a 20 year old memory about weavings made of darkness slid into my mind, and I had to go hunting your book. I'm at my (Thai) mother's house with my daughter and husband, thinking about my childhood in Hawaii, wondering if I liked the book so much because of the sense of displacement that I felt, and that your words seemed to understand.

    Anyway, this half-Thai wanderer enjoyed it all over again. I wonder how I could've understood much, at eleven.

    (My mother, a Jaiyaqam, says she went to school with some of your family. She's quite the name snob.)

  4. Dear Achariya,

    Well, of course you understood it at the age of 11. But then again, by the time they hit puberty, most kids have already forgotten everything worth knowing about magic in the universe....


  5. Thanks for the message, Somtow. I'm sorry to have missed the concert... as you read, poor planning and bad luck kept me away. I'll look forward to the video. In the meantime, I've bought a few of Dnu's CDs and your Gongula/Starscapes CD has just arrived from Amazon.