Thursday, February 21, 2008

Me Writer — Again, Finally

Okay, so today's copy of Asimov's magazine which came in the mail says ... "coming soon ... after too long an absence ... a story by S.P. Somtow".... now, I haven't seen that in an issue of Asimov's for a very long time. Am I making a comeback in science fiction in my old age? Perhaps. The story deals with the same issues as The Thirteenth Utopia, which was my first professional sale, to Analog, in 1979.

Meanwhile, I am going back into the concert circuit, and I'm even going to give a piano recital consisting entirely of works by John Cage. You can probably imagine what work I will play for five or six encores....


  1. I'll look forward to that Asimov's issue; I have an unbroken subscription since 1978, and have followed and admired your work since. Multilingual and multicultural authors bring something special to their work in the language that was not their first chronologically, and in that department I think you have given Nabokov a run for his money; as for the opera, it gives an entire new meaning to the word "Indo-European", and I could just picture the ghosts of Verdi and Wagner taking a crash course on the Gitas...

    Thank you for many years of enjoyment, and wishing for many more.

  2. I just finished "An Alien Heresy" the novelette in Asimov's April/May 2008 issue. Well imagined, intriguing and just plain fun to read. Excellent "what if" story. I just had to look you up on the internet and now it looks as if I have some cathing up to do.

    Looking forward to reading some of your other works.

    Thank you - A new fan in Southeast Pennsylvania, USA.