Monday, April 13, 2009

And Now the Mirror Breaks

So, finally, the "red show" on my satellite dish has actually been cut off. I am left with watching only the "voice of reason." I see that the red shirts did in fact march to the hospital to retrieve the body of their glorious martyr, only to discover that this person was stabilizing nicely in the ICU. How embarrassing. Another blow for the red shirts seems to have been the fact that the citizens of the Din Daeng apartment complexes didn't seem that willing to be held as hostages, and were bitterly complaining about it to the media. The idea that the proletariat might have more than one opinion must have come as a great surprise to those who claimed to be their representatives. It always does. One underestimates them at one's peril.

I'm starting to have some hope that Abhisit might actually carry this off. If so, it would certainly set an enviable standard in riot management that other nations might be wise to follow. History is littered with egregious examples of bad riot management: Soweto, Rodney King, and some pretty bad ones in Thailand in the 70s.

Meanwhile, I cling to these lottery tickets, and I'll report to you soon about how accurate a "prophetic dream" can be.

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