Sunday, June 3, 2007


Now that I've been able to manipulate the Photobooth program into giving me only one eye, I suppose I will have to look for a country of the blind to rule over....

Monday morning, 3:30 am. When I awaken, all hell breaks loose. I will try for a decent night's sleep. No dreams lately, and the magic number dreamt about in the dream with all the dead bodies has not yet produced a winning lottery ticket.

Birth and death figured prominently this weekend, but I failed to participate in either. There was a ceremony with my uncle's ashes in Pattaya, and my friend Cat was also in Pattaya, wildly celebrating her birthday. I remained closeted in my home office, brooding mostly. It's been a strange few days and I have been a little out of it.

I'll sleep now and face the horror in the morning.…

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