Friday, June 22, 2007

Becoming Alien

This is a pretty good depiction of how I felt before being forced, kicking and screaming to the hospital. This bulletin is short. I'm in good spirits. Everyone is certainly making a fuss. I hope I shall prove worthy of it. After the "sleep lab" experiment next week, I'll probably be able to deliver a full report. As some of you may no, I've been given the option of either taking it easy for a month now and then resuming a normal life, or continuing the normal life and dropping dead a few months hence. It's therefore no exaggeration to say that by compelling me to take option one, taking the matter entirely out of my hands, that is, Catherine and my family members have actually saved my life (at least for now.)

Until I'm subjected to the scientific experiments next week, I'm resting up in what Catherine has asked me to describe as an "undisclosed location." Okay, I am in pain and all that, but I'm still able to see the humor in all this. I am it seems able to sneak online once in a while.

If, after all this mollycoddling, I still manage to croak, I want Trisdee to compose a new requiem.

I'll have a less tongue in cheek missive about the state of affairs in Somtow's World in a couple of days....

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  1. Dear Somtov,

    it was nice to have met you. Only now I recognize that I might have called you too early on that day...

    I noted your comment on the number of Ring-productions seen, but that might lead to a slightly wrong impression. Not all of these some 65 were complete. About 32 were conmplete, others not (1-3 pieces) or in some cases they were eben not full Ring-productions, such as the just one-stop Walkuere in Marseille recently. May be that should be corrected occasionally.

    Till sooon, all the best from New York City where I saw the "Russian Ring" of V. Gergiev and Tsypin till Siegfried since Monday, but that one I knew alreeady from its first nights in Petersburg 2003.