Thursday, May 21, 2009

Davy Jones' Locker

Thailand has a new kind of sunken treasure, after a surfeit of Ming dynasty trading ships that happen to sink on dry land conveniently within a few feet of fake antique shops.

I'm referring of course to the recent discovery of containers, a couple of decades old, that may or may not contain the victims of human trafficking, the missing protesters from the 1992 military crackdown, or "toxic waste." Rumors are rampant.

In many ways it would be good to find the 1992 bodies. 1992 is a gaping wound in our society and though finding bodies would not solve anything, it would bring a sense of closure to many lives.

There are more skeletons in closets ... from Thaksin's so-called drug war, in which it was widely believed that people were being extrajudicially bumped off. It seems that prosecutions have now begun.

Once again, I think we all need closure.

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