Saturday, February 7, 2009

Theatre of Horror - podcast coming soon!

It finally appeared on that odd satellite TV station known as P5 ... one that seems mostly to be selling health products or playing country 'n' eastern music videos. So for those of you who speak Thai, this is an amusing intro to my TV show about various monsters and demons of the world ... which appears here every Friday night at 10 pm. They don't have the kinks out of the show yet, and they really have to fix their one wireless mike, but it seems to me that it may settle down into a very amusing weekly jaunt. I've just finished filming episodes 3 and 4 which are about the history of Dracula.

Now, I will be podcasting the complete (hour long) show from one of my websites, www.SPTVCentral com, the only web TV channel devoted entirely to the Terrifying Thai, each week, putting it online a few days after it first airs and using the vast free space on youtube to store it rather than investing in any space of my own. If you check this site in a while, you will be able to watch all of episode one.

Now, one of the more entertaining aspects of this show is that there is no script. They give me my mark, and then I just start rambling about the monster of the week, dredging up all the info from the rat's nest that is my brain. They actually expect me to be a walking encyclopedia....

This is all very well when I can really flow, for instance if I'm talking about vampires, but then there's also a language problem because I have never really done this in Thai before. I suppose it could be worse.....

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