Sunday, May 27, 2007

Thoughts About My Cervix

Last night I attended a major social event, a party thrown by In Residence magazine at the home of the absolutely fabulous M.L. Poomchai. This is a huge mansion in traditional Thai style done up in the most stunning taste. It was certainly great to hang out with ambassadors like the New Zealand ambassador, an avid opera fan who's just become an advisor to the opera company, and other assorted celebs. I thought I was just going to "drop in" on the event but I ended up being the last person to leave!

But perhaps the most astounding thing about this party was the raffle. Great prizes were being given out that night, and I won one of them. It was a free HPV vaccine treatment for prevention of cervical cancer, worth an amazing 21,000 baht.

The likelihood of my needing a vaccine for cervical cancer is about as reasonably close to zero as one can get and the receipt of this pretty valuable gift ($600!) strikes me as a supreme example of novelistic irony.

It might be seen as a metaphor for my entire life, thus far.....

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