Saturday, November 23, 2013

STATUS UPDATE - Somtow Reissues


Dear friends:

It has been my plan to make sure that all 59 of the books I have written so far can easily be obtained by anyone who wants to read them.

So, I have been returning all my out of print books to print via DIPLODOCUS PRESS, the publishing company I created eight years ago.

As of November 23, today, here is the progress report:

The Inquestor Tetralogy -
all four books now in print

The Riverrun Trilogy
all three books now in print, the third volume available as an independent book for the first time

The Timmy Valentine Series
All three Vampire Junction Books back in print

Jasmine Nights
Opus 50
Dragon's Fin Soup - all back in print
The Stone Buddha's Tears (English language version by Post Books available only in Thailand) - in print in hard and soft
The Other City of Angels, back in print

Coming Soon
The Shattered Horse, should be in print within a few days
Mallworld, waiting for scanning

New Books
Bible Stories for Secular Humanists
available in both hard and soft
Sonnets about Serial Killers
available in both hard and soft
Caravaggio Times Two

and yes, here is a link....

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  1. Hello, Somtow—

    Lloyd Worley, here. Hope I have the correct email address.

    Anyway, a nice story to report: one of my students is from Thailand, and I was speaking to her in my office. I mentioned that I have a Thai friend (um…that's right, isn't it?) who is a novelist, writer, musician, and radio/tv star. She asked who, and I said your name. Her face lit up—seems her father is a fan of your "Theatre of Horror." I showed her your books, along with your signature. She was thrilled.

    So, see? Small world.