Monday, August 2, 2010

15 Minutes of Fame

Okay, so my local paper has decided to fan the flames by putting me and R.A. head to head on the front page.  Which suggests that there must have been no real news yesterday.

I'm a little peeved at being painted with a yellow background: I have not been uncritical of the yellows in the past.  But then again, I doubt that THE NATION is that impartial: their bio of me is all about my awards, while their summary of Amsterdam is about his clients languishing in Russian jails.  And they've used a more flattering picture of me.

In a week or so I'll probably reopen the comments section of this blog, as soon as I get over my fear.  There are plenty of venues for people to exercise their right (if any) to make death threats, but there's no reason why it should happen on webspace which I pay for!  It is interesting that while the blog entry provoked virulent attacks and threats, so far the email on the NATION piece (which is substantially the same) has been very supportive.  Those who read the morning people and those who troll the net at midnight are clearly members of a different demographic.