Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Arbiters of Taste have spoken

1. I read a French review of "Twilight" which stated unequivocably that the movie was a watered-down rip-off of my "Vampire Junction" trilogy. Who would have thought the French would know? Where do I pick up my check?

2. The supreme arbiter of Thai Society, Tatler's SOCIETY TOP 500 issue, just came out. Horror! My sisters have been kicked off Thailand's top 500! Talk about the greasy pole! I am still on the list (phew!) ..better photo, too.

3. The ghost of Mae Naak played a trick on me and, as I was about to do the first take of my TV show, gave me an attack of diarrhea. The only toilet in the temple of horror was on the other side of a pavilion where a corpse in an open casket was being chanted over. Within the toilet itself I was confronted with one of those squatting devices and a rusty old bucket of water. The perfume used to disguise the rotting of the corpse came wafting in through the door crack. That Mae Naak ... she is some woman!

Thus is it that three supreme arbiters of taste have passed judgment on me and mine this day.

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