Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Mayan Death-God goes French

The Laughing Dead
Uploaded by HansPfaall

I found this while randomly surfing the web. It appears to be a scene from my old 1989 horror film, The Laughing Dead, dubbed in French. I think it's better in French....


  1. LOL!! That is great, I lost my VHS copy of that movie years ago (more than a decade ago actually). It does sound good in french. I wonder how acurate the translation is?

    Anyway, I'm glad you have this blog, I don't ever comment, but I do read and enjoy it all the time.

    Brian A.

  2. Brian, Thanks a lot for saying something, it is good to know that people actually do read this from time to time. This movie has been available on DVD on and off; there are at least 3 Europeans versions that I know of. Miss you and hope to catch up at some stage,

  3. This is excellent. How about this for your next opera!


  4. Aaaha! Lovely platter of pulsating viscera. I need to see the whole thing, preferably in english though.